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Danl Blackwood is a top level technical support specialist with over 15 years of experience in Macintosh and Windows 9X/NT/XP, both hardware and software - serving primarily Eastern Kansas (Wichita, Topeka, Lawrence, Kansas City). The primary field of expertise is Graphics and Desktop Publishing; also covering Internet, Networking, and Business Applications, and Spyware removal. More importantly, Danl specializes in training while supporting, i.e. translating Computer to English. The support includes effective preventative diagnostics, reviving sick or dead computers with solutions for problems that don't seem to be written in any books, fixing the problem and not just band-aiding the symptoms. Last but not least ... house calls - day or night, weekday or weekend (at no extra charge).

New clients will receive first hour of consulting at no charge. Contract Rate Discounts are availalble for multiple hour purchases.

Rates Description
Consulting Consulting, discussing, or planning possible troubleshooting procedures, or system improvements and purchases
95.00 per hour
Troubleshooting, Installation,
Training, etc.
Active discovery/diagnosis of problems, applying solutions, and installation or reinstallation of software and/or hardware; training; other related services requiring on-site or off-site attention.
115.00 per hour
Emergencies Immediate response (often within the hour in teh Topeka area) for services requiring a rescheduling of existing appointments.
150.00 per hour

All charges and invoicing (whether on-site or off-site) are based on the following policies:

  • Charges are by half-hour increments, with a one hour minimum, per job.
  • Service area:
    • Greater Topeka, KS metro area with no travel charge
    • Sites outside Topeka up to a three-hour drive (approx 180 miles) is billed with travel charges of 25.00 per hour of round trip travel (except for current Wichita clients)
    • Any location beyond a three hour drive is determined on a case by case basis
  • Off-site services (including phone calls) are charged at the same rate, with some instances receiving special rates (i.e. you bring the computer in and leave it for a few days)
  • Unlimited phone call "quick questions" are free of charge - within reason (calls over 5 minutes fall into billable time).
  • All charges are typically billed by project and are due upon receipt of invoice (ongoing miscellaneous support can be billed monthly)

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