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A little about me...

I was born Danl William Blackwood (Danl rhymes with channel) on January 20, 1954 in Omaha, NE (and remain a die-hard Cornhuskers fan, much to the chagrin of many of my fellow Kansans), grew up in Topeka, Kansas, and from a very young age was interested in music. I started playing guitar in fourth grade, and while barely in high school, started a career in music. As a professional musician, I was involved in recording, video production, and touring the nation. Scatcats (that's where the email address comes from) was the name of the last professional band I was in. (Stay tuned for an upcoming Blackwood Music History page.) Finally, after 15 years, I followed my grandma's advice, and got a real job as a System Administrator at a large printing company in Wichita KS. In 1999, I started my own business, DANLNET.COM, subcontracting as a SysAdmin, Technical Support Specialist, and Internet/Networking Consultant, as well as web hosting and design - which continues today in a limited capacity. While in Wichita, I became very involved in Contemporary Christian Music, mostly as a webmaster and writer. In 1995, I began the Blackwood Music Scrapbook to chronicle my involvement in CCM. It has evolved, and in the near future will become the Blackwood Music History. In 2006 I moved back to Topeka, and while still running my company I was able to get back into the music business. The bands I was involved with playing bass and guitar were Bridges, Piper Leigh, and The BLT Band. In March 2006 the Scatcatz got back together for a reunion concert, and then in August 2008 Rick Barron and I put another band together, The Catz. Unfortunately had to retire from that band upon losing the hearing in my left ear; click here for that update. Afer a brief gig at Payless Shoesource doing help desk tech support for all their stores, I landed at se2 (data processing subsidiary of Security Benefit). It took a while to become accustomed to working night shift, but now I love it and the possibilities with this awesome, flourishing company.

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