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Welcome to my CyberMusic World...

This page started as the home of my music interests, my music related offerings to the Internet, and also a brief history of my own professional music career.

Since I "entered cyberspace" in November 1994 as part of computer consultant career, I immediately sought for a way to provide a service to the Internet community - both professionally and personally. After seeing Amy Grant in concert the following February, it just seemed natural to write a review of the concert (though I'd never before attempted to do so, nor had the desire), and share it with my fast growing cyber-family. Writing and posting that review (which can be found here) was all I needed to discover my new love - digital journalist and webmaster.

Update August 11, 2014
I went on to administer many web pages, most of them now gone by the wayside. A few years ago I decided to revive all those old webpages in an archival fashion. However recent events in my life have delayed that indefinitely (including the closing of my Facebook Page). For now, I offer the Blackwood Music Scrapbook (hopefully someday to become the Blackwood Music History Page), and will continue to strive to fix all the broken links there.

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Last modified: August 11, 2014