AIGA Wichita Font Presentation
November 18, 2003

Wichita Area Technical College
Central Campus Auditorium

  Danl Blackwood
see resume for contact info

Presentation Outline:

1) Proper Font Installation

  1. Font types
  2. Font locations
  3. Font Versions
  4. Font Archive
  5. Font Naming

2) Font Software

  1. Management software (Suitcase, Font Reserve, FontAgent Pro, MasterJuggler Pro, ATM Deluxe, etc)
  2. Diagnosis software (Font Doctor, etc)
  3. Cataloging Software (Font Book, FontVista, etc)
  4. Apple FontBook

3) Troubleshooting Font Conflicts

  1. unload all fonts
  2. clean install fonts
  3. clean install font mgmt
  4. auto-activation
  5. see “proper installation” above

4) Font Corruption

  1. FONT resource (An early type of Macintosh font data resource used for bitmap fonts)
  2. FOND resource (A Macintosh resource, it is a data structure containing e.g. font metrics, PostScript font names, encoding, and font family information.)
  3. see “proper installation” above


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